Road to 50

Week 1 (Nov. 13-19)

I am normally a complete Garminite when it comes to following a training plan. If my schedule says 3 miles for the day, I do not stop running until my Garmin watch says at least 3 miles. This week I traveled to North Carolina to see family and I will be here for three weeks. Therefore, I adjusted the training plan to accommodate my travel and race plans. Since this is the very beginning of my training, I felt like I could adjust the plan a little without derailing it. So, with that being said, here are my runs for the first week of my 50 Mile training!



“rest day” — this plan allows off days on Mondays and Fridays. Rest days are important so that your muscles have some time to repair, and therefore reduce your risk of getting injured.



Training Plan: 4 miles, My Run: 0 miles

We woke up at 4 am to fly from Seattle to Raleigh, followed by a two hour ride in the car and dinner at a great Puerto Rican/Dominican restaurant called Villa Verde in Greenville, NC. With a toddler. There was no running for me today.



Training Plan: 6 miles, My Run: 3.1 miles

Chris and I joined my sister and my cousin for a group run at Uptown Brewing Co. In Greenville, NC. There was a great turnout and we had fun talking to the runners over some great craft beers after the run. This run felt fast! Greenville has significantly less hills than Seattle!

Time: 28:37.  Avg. Pace: 9:17/mi  Elevation Gain: 94 ft.  Splits: Mile 1: 9:21, Mi 2: 8:55, Mi 3: 9:26.



Training Plan: 4 miles, My Run: 3.1 miles

I went to another group run with my sister, this time at Trollingwood Brewery. We met up with some of the runners from the night before and met new runners as well. Again, great beer and good conversation after a nice, flat run!

Time: 26:31.  Avg. Pace: 8:47/mi  Elevation Gain: 80 ft.  Splits: Mile 1: 9:09, Mi 2: 8:44, Mi 3: 8:30



Training Plan: Rest, My Run: 1.5 miles

I had every intention of resting today, because I have a 5 mile trail race in the morning. However, this evening Chris said he felt like he needed a short run and I felt like a nice, easy shakeout run would be nice, too. We ran an easy pace through my parents’ neighborhood to loosen up our legs before tomorrow’s race.

Time: 16:02.  Avg. Pace: 10:37/mi  Elevation Gain: 0 ft.  Splits: Mile 1: 10:20, Mi 0.5: 11:11



Training Plan: 14 miles, My Run: 5 mile trail race!

My plan has me doing sandwich runs – two long runs on the weekends, back to back. This is common for ultra marathon training plans because it gets your body used to running on tired legs. With this plan, I run the longer sandwich run on Saturday and the shorter run on Sunday. This weekend I needed to switch the runs because I signed up to run the Goose Creek 5 mile trail race in Washington, NC with my husband and my cousin. I am not concerned about my overall mileage for this weekend being shorter than what my plan has me doing, because of this race. Races are harder than training runs. You run faster, exerting more energy and working your muscles harder than in a typical training run. It is perfectly OK to run races while training for a longer distance. Just be sure to pick your races wisely – space them out, make sure they work into your overall training, and don’t overdo it! Scale back your mileage a little that weekend to make up for the extra effort. Remember that these mini races are for fun – the real race is the one you are training for! Don’t blow your big goal race over what should be a fun, short – to – mid distance race.

About the race:

It was awesome! I ran fast enough to snag 1st overall female and I felt really strong throughout the race. My lungs felt great and my legs didn’t start to protest until the last half mile when I started to gun it for the finish line. For breakfast, I had a cup of coffee and a banana around 6:30 am to “get things going” and then ate a Nutri Grain bar and plenty of water about 45 min before start time. For a longer distance, I would eat a more substantial breakfast, but for this race I wanted to eat just enough to give me some fuel without messing up my stomach. The trail was pretty easy, and would be a great first trail race or cross country race for most runners. Mile 3 had us traverse some particularly sandy areas and mile 4 had a lot of roots to watch out for, but overall it was a really nice course. There was also a 10 mile option, but I was very content to race the 5 mile with my family. Speaking of, Chris won 2nd overall and my cousin was 4th overall and 1st in his age group!

Time: 43:10.  Avg. Pace: 8:53/mi  Elevation Gain: 45 ft.  Splits: Mile 1: 8:24, Mi 2: 8:26, Mi 3: 9:30, Mi 4: 9:26, Mi 5: 8:33



Training Plan: 6 miles, My Run: 10 miles on the beach

I woke up with the intent of running 10 miles on the beach at 7am. When I opened my eyes, rain was coming down and I could hear the wind (didn’t I leave this weather in Seattle?!). My legs were also a little stiff from yesterday’s race. By 10:30 am; however, the sun came out and I laced up my running shoes. We skipped church this morning, so my worship was running in the sun, the beautiful Atlantic Ocean on my left, and Hillsong Young and Free on my iPod. Days like these I am thankful that I am healthy enough to enjoy my favorite hobby. I am also thankful that I have a great family with which to spend Thanksgiving at the beach. I ran 5 miles down the beach at Kill Devil Hills into Nags Head, running under a pier at around 2 miles. When I hit the turnaround point, I paused my watch to stretch and take in the view. Then I turned to run back to the house. Wham! Wind in my face. And the pier looked SO far away! Needless to say, the last 5 miles were a little tougher. But, I managed to complete my run without walking, and so I consider that a success!

Time: 1:44:21.  Avg. Pace: 10:24/mi  Elevation Gain: 40 ft.  Splits: Mile 1: 10:10, Mi 2: 9:56, Mi 3: 9:56, Mi 4: 10:16, Mi 5: 10:17, Mi 6: 10:15, Mi 7: 10:34, Mi 8: 10:39, Mi 9: 10:47, Mi 10: 11:07


Total Mileage for the Week: 22.7 miles

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