Road to 50

Week 2 (Nov. 20-26)

Thanksgiving Week!

It is hard to stay on a training plan while on vacation, but almost doubly hard when your vacation is over the holidays. I did not hit my target mileage for the week, but here are my runs:


Rest Day


Training Plan: 4 miles, My Run: 6 miles

I am doing a 5k Turkey Trot race on Thursday, so I swapped my Tuesday and Wednesday runs this week. I want fresh legs to run fast in that 5k! This run was cool. My cousin and I explored some trails in the Nags Head Woods Ecological Preserve and we were able to run there from the rental house! We passed by swamps and headed out to the sound, enjoying the different types of trees and pretty scenery. This run was about logging miles over nice conversation and we stopped often to take pictures.

Time: 1:05:51, Avg. Pace: 10:54/mi, Elevation Gain: 110 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 10:12, Mi 2: 10:27, Mi 3: 12:04, Mi 4: 12:04, Mi 5: 10:45, Mi 6: 10:00


Training Plan: 6 miles, My Run: 0 miles

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I am already so full! My family has a lot of amazing cooks. Today I opted to rest my tired legs (other than checking out sales at the outlets for Christmas shopping).


Training Plan: 4 miles, My Run: 3.1 mile race!

Resting yesterday paid off!! I achieved a post-baby PR! (My PR before having the Blueberry still stands at 22:18) Today’s race was the Gobbler 5k in Nags Head, NC and the shirts were pretty cool (see pic below). It was a chilly start with a nice, flat course. I ran hard and definitely earned my turkey today! All four of us (me, my husband, my sister and my cousin) ran a good race today.

Time: 24:29, Avg. Pace: 7:52/mi, Elevation Gain: 37 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 7:51, Mi 2: 7:58, Mi 3: 7:51, Mi 0.1: 7:17

Nov 2017 678
Family Run


Training Plan: rest, My Run: 4.1 miles

This run was brutal! I wanted a final run on the beach to work out the soreness from yesterday’s race and to make up for skipping my run on Wednesday. Chris and I ended up doing this run at high tide, meaning we had to run on soft sand to avoid the waves, making it harder for us to keep up a good pace. My legs were also really tight from running hard the day before. We ran a little over 3 miles on the beach before taking a beach access over to the road to finish out the run. Afterwards we took a polar bear plunge in the ocean – this is becoming a Black Friday tradition!

Time: 54:33, Avg. Pace: 13:10/mi, Elevation Gain: 17 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 11:54, Mi 2: 12:07, Mi 3: 14:12, Mi 4: 14:47, Mi 0.1: 10:55


Training Plan: 10 miles, My Run: 0

In packing up to leave the beach, my suitcase got placed in the wrong car. No running clothes, no run.


Training plan: 8, My Run: 5, + 6 miles Rucking with exercises

Next Sunday I get to pace a 10 mile race in Greenville! I am so excited about this! Today I had originally planned to preview the course, practicing maintaining a 10:30 pace for the entire run. However, my sister asked me to pace her for a 5 mile run on part of the course, so we did that instead.

Time: 52:27, Avg. Pace: 10:27/mi, Elevation Gain: 121 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 10:34, Mi 2: 10:24, Mi 3: 10:23, Mi 4: 10:29, Mi 5: 10:22


After our run, I joined my sister for 6 miles of rucking with her FIA (Females in Action) group. There are FIA groups in several states, and the groups are FREE with volunteers leading each workout session. I have joined the Greenville group for a few workouts now (my FIA name is Paint It Purple) and I love the ladies I have met so far. They are welcoming, sweet, fun, and joined together by fitness (of all levels). The group I rucked with are training for an event taking place in Greenville in January. Rucking is where you take a rucksack (like a backpack, but more technical) with added weight and power hike (or run — we power walked). The lady leading the group also had us do exercises at every mile. At mile 1 we did walking lunges roughly 30-40 yards. Mile 2 we did 50 squats, mile 3: plank for 1 min, mile 4: 50 calf raises, mile 5: hold a squat for a min  (with the rucksack over your head), mile 6: a version of stadium stairs. All of these were done with the rucksack! (Mine had about 15-20 lbs in it). It is more challenging than it sounds. Even though I wasn’t running, I got a nice workout in, so these 6 miles are being added to my weekly total!

Total Mileage this Week: 24.2 miles


Interested in learning more about FIA? Their website is:

F3 is the male counterpart to FIA (F3 = Fitness, Fellowship, Faith) and their site is:



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