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Fitness Oils Review

Before I dive into a review of the oily products I have loved for my running and training over the past few months, let me tell you a bit about my oil journey. I bought my starter kit from Young Living in December 2016. My kit came with a diffuser, 11 oils and some samples. Honestly, I was only interested in 2 of those oils, but I bought from a friend. At first, I had no clue how I was going to use all 11, but I ended up using them all – and buying MORE! Over the past year I have replaced so many toxic cleaners and personal care products with either Young Living products or products that I have made using the oils. I absolutely love how versatile essential oils are!


There are two products that I have fallen in love with all over again in the past week – Young Living’s Rose Ointment and the Deep Relief Roll-On. I normally don’t chafe (thankfully!), but over the past week, I have had some issues with that on my underarms. Rose Ointment soothed those areas. Rose Ointment is the cheapest way to reap the benefits of Rose oil. It takes 22 lbs. of rose petals to make a single 5 ml bottle of essential oil, which is why it is Young Living’s most expensive oil. However, it is AMAZING for your skin! So, at $22 (member price – retail price is $28.95), the ointment is super economical and it is great for irritated, chapped skin. It also works to seal in other oils you may apply topically. This past week, it calmed my skin and helped me to be more comfortable on my next few runs as my skin healed.


Nov 2017 927
Rose Ointment and Deep Relief Roll On by Young Living


The Deep Relief Roll-On has provided deep relief to my calves over the past week! I ran 2 races at a much faster pace than I am used to, plus running on the sandy beach added more strain to my muscles. Since I am training for a 50 mile race, I don’t want to take it too easy! The Deep Relief Roll-On is a blend of oils that include peppermint, wintergreen, Dorado Azul and helichrysum, and it comes in a convenient roller bottle. Peppermint and wintergreen provide a cooling sensation that feels wonderful on tired muscles, while helichrysum is great for skin and has an uplifting scent. I love the roller bottle because it makes the application quick, easy and non-messy! I have used the Cool Azul sports gel (pictured below) and although I liked it, I now prefer the Deep Relief Roll-On. Both products have similar essential oils and provide relief to sore, tired muscles. However, you have to rub in the Cool Azul gel, which is messy. You are also supposed to wash your hands after applying it, which is not always easy to do if you need to use it on the go. I can carry the Deep Relief Roll-On in my hydration pack for trail runs and in my carry-on bag while traveling and it doesn’t leak. The Cool Azul sports gel is still a great product, but the Deep Relief Roll-On simply works better for my lifestyle right now.


HO Cool Azul Gel
Cool Azul Sports Gel by Young Living


A final oil blend that I love is PanAway. This oil came in my starter kit and I liked it so much that I put a roller fitment on the bottle to apply directly to my back and legs. It can also be added to a bath (I love adding Epsom Salt as well) to relax and to soothe your tired body. PanAway is a blend of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove and Peppermint essential oils and it is not diluted. Apply with a carrier oil, such as coconut, almond or vegetable oil if the cooling sensation is too strong for you. The Deep Relief Roll-On includes coconut oil so that it is diluted enough for direct topical use. I personally like the strength of PanAway, especially if my back or legs are super sore, so I apply it without diluting. I also prefer the smell of PanAway, because I can smell more of the wintergreen in this blend. The Deep Relief Roll-On smells more of peppermint, with other earthy notes.


Panaway Ivy
PanAway oil blend by Young Living


Young Living also makes some great supplements for fitness enthusiasts. I will do a review on those in a future post.

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