Road to 50

Week 3 (Nov. 27 – Dec. 3)

I went way over on my mileage this week, but I felt good and it made up for my low mileage last week. Next week I’ll be back in Seattle and my training will be so much more consistent! Here are my runs for Week 3:


Training plan: rest, My Run: 11.6ish (Strava says 11.1, but I paused my watch for part of that)

Today Chris and I previewed the Reindeer Dash for Cash 10 mile course, practicing staying at a 10:30 pace. The course IS 10 miles (it is a certified course), but we missed 2 of the turns and had to circle back. The first time I paused my watch until we got back on course. The second time I just didn’t care anymore! My pace was a little faster than I was aiming for, due to the fact that my husband is a speed demon and I’m used to him setting the pace. But, that also made it good practice for me to be mindful of my pace in the race setting.

Time: 1:56:29, Avg. Pace: 10:27/mi, Elevation Gain: 191 ft., Splits: Mile 1: 10:41, Mi 2: 10:02, Mi 3: 10:38, Mi 4: 10:43, Mi 5: 10:41, Mi 6: 10:18, Mi 7: 10:29, Mi 8: 10:20, Mi 9: 10:25, Mi 10: 10:20, Mi 11: 10:33, Mi 0.1: 9:53


Training Plan: 4, My Run: 2.1

I recently got some new (non-Brooks!) shoes, thanks to some gift cards to a local sporting goods store in Greenville. Today I tried them out and I was very happy with how the Hoka Clifton 4 felt. I think these shoes are going to be great for the long, slow miles I will be running with this training plan. I will post a more in-depth review of this shoe in the “Running” tab once I have logged a few more miles in it.

Time: 20:50, Avg. Pace: 9:50/mi, Elevation Gain: 8ft., Splits: Mi 1: 9:57, Mi 2: 9:45, Mi 0.1: 9:35


Training Plan: 4, My Run: 0

Since I ran on Monday, I took this day as a rest day. Chris and I also took advantage of the babysitters we have here and went out on a date in Greenville (NC). We had a few cocktails, so that also contributed to today being a rest day!


Training Plan: 4, My Run: 7.3

So, to be honest, I didn’t look at my training plan before this run. At the start of this run, I decided to do 6 miles, but the weather was nice and my legs felt great, so I went a little farther. I started in the Greenville Town Common and ran the Tar River Greenway to Green Springs Park. There are 2 water fountains along this course (the second one being in Green Springs Park) and I loved running through the trees along the river. This is a great greenway!

Time: 1:04:23, Avg. Pace: 8:48/mi, Elevation Gain: 95 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 8:28, Mi 2: 8:34, Mi 3: 9:00, Mi 4: 8:41, Mi 5: 9:01, Mi 6: 8:58, Mi 7: 8:55, Mi 0.3: 8:44


The weather has been pretty warm here (in the 60’s), so I have been wearing tank tops. For the first time ever, I have started having issues with chaffing. Luckily, I packed Young Living’s Rose Ointment to soothe my skin and I bought a small stick of Body Glide to prevent further chaffing. I have also been using the Deep Relief Roll-On to soothe my sore muscles. Check out the write up on these in the “Get Oily” tab to see if they would work for you!


Training Plan: Rest, My Run: Rest

As a coach of mine used to say, “Honor thy rest day.” Yes, sir!


Training Plan: 8, My Run: 2

Once again I am swapping my sandwich runs this weekend, due to a race! Today I joined some of the Greenville FiA ladies for a 2 mile shakeout run along the Tar River Greenway. I talked to more women I hadn’t met yet – they really are a great group! I am sad I only get to work out with them on vacation.

Time: 19:29, Avg. Pace: 9:32/mi, Elevation Gain: 38 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 9:32, Mi 2: 9:30


Training Plan: 4, My Run: 10

Today I paced the 10:30 pace group in the Reindeer Dash for Cash 10 miler! (To see what a pacer is and for a write up of the race, check out the “Pacing for Races” post in the Running tab). It is not easy maintaining a specific speed over 10 miles, but I did my best! Strava had my average pace at 10:28/mi, but the timing company at the race had me right at 10:30. I had many runners stay with me for parts of the race before speeding up or slowing down. One lady stuck with me for the whole race and it was fun talking to her. Overall, it was a great experience and I am so glad I got to be a pacer!

Time: 1:45:06 (official chip time), Avg. Pace: 10:28/mi, Elevation Gain: 163 ft. Splits: Mi 1: 10:22, Mi 2: 10:25, Mi 3: 10:35, Mi 4: 10:51, Mi 5: 10:26, Mi 6: 10:18, Mi 7: 10:27, Mi 8: 10:16, Mi 9: 10:31, Mi 10: 10:17

Total Mileage this Week: 33 miles


I loved running the Reindeer Dash for Cash. The course was amazing, all of the volunteers were so nice and the proceeds of the race go to a great cause. This race is put on in memory of Captain Christopher Cash, who ran races for various charities before he was killed in action. The proceeds for the Reindeer Dash for Cash go to the Captain Christopher Cash Memorial Foundation of NC, Inc. To visit the race website, click HERE. For the foundation’s website, click HERE.

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