Road to 50

Week 4 (Dec. 4 – 10)

My vacation is over, I am back in Seattle and now my training starts to get serious! It was hard to come back to the cold, running in mid 20’s – mid 30 degree weather, but at least it wasn’t raining! That made the transition back to the cold much easier. Being back home means that I can do all of my recovery techniques to nurture my sore, tired muscles. Check out my post on this topic in the Running tab. Here are my runs for week 4:


Rest Day! (Although traveling alone with a toddler isn’t exactly what I’d call rest!)


Training Plan: 4 miles, My Run: 4 miles

Baby, it’s cold outside! …and still dark at 7:15 am. I ran on frost-covered ground, but it was so nice seeing the sun come up over the Cascade Mountains during my run. This is truly the most beautiful place I have ever lived. …but also the hilliest!! Check out the elevation gain! In NC, I had an elevation gain of 163 ft. over 10 miles. Today I had an elevation gain of 282 ft. over only 4 miles. The last ¾ mile alone, I ran up a hill that climbs up 156 ft. But, running these hills makes me strong! And that contributed to my speed in those races I ran while on vacation.

Time: 36:13, Avg. Pace: 8:59/mi, Elevation Gain: 282 ft.!!, Splits: Mi 1: 8:43, Mi 2: 8:40, Mi 3: 9:03, Mi 4: 9:30


Training Plan: 8, My Run: 8

Another sunrise run. This time I hit the Interurban Trail and saw Mt. Rainier in the distance! I always get excited seeing it on the horizon. More frost today, and my Hoka Cliftons did not do too well on it – I slid around quite a bit. It was still a nice run, though, and I had a ton of energy that carried me through grocery shopping, a meeting and TWO separate playdates! #winning!

Time: 1:16:52, Avg. Pace: 9:35/mi, Elevation Gain: 384 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 9:21, Mi 2: 9:25, Mi 3: 9:09, Mi 4: 9:32, Mi 5: 9:34, Mi 6: 9:48, Mi 7: 9:41, Mi 8: 10:18


Training Plan: 4, My Run: 4

Sunrise, frost, cold… becoming a bit of a pattern. But I am in full on training mode now! I have focus and I am really loving how much energy I have during the day. I also feel like I am sleeping better, even with a toddler that wakes up 1-2 times every night. I am able to fall right back to sleep and wake up feeling more rested. This alone makes me a huge advocate for running!

Time: 38:19, Avg. Pace: 9:30/mi, Elevation Gain: 282 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 9:09, Mi 2: 9:20, Mi 3: 9:36, Mi 4: 9:55


Rest Day!!


Training Plan: 18, My Run: 18

Family run! Chris pushed the Blueberry alongside me for 16 miles today. Around mile 7, it occurred to me that the last time I started this training plan (about 2.5 years ago), this was the last strong run I completed before I found out I was pregnant. It was surreal having our toddler on this run after I can to that realization. The memory of completing this run over 2 years ago was what got me through the last two miles. I ran those last 2 alone, with extremely tired legs and very little energy. This is the point of training runs – not just time on your legs, building muscle and endurance. Training runs are also important for figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Everything from shoes and clothing down to what you eat to fuel your run can affect your run and training gives you time to figure that stuff out for race day. Today I learned that I need more in my stomach before starting a run like this.

Time: 3:20:12, Avg. Pace: 11:07/mi, Elevation Gain: 720 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 10:21, Mi 2: 10:02, Mi 3: 9:42, Mi 4: 10:15, Mi 5: 9:56, Mi 6: 10:02, Mi 7: 10:07, Mi 8: 10:23, Mi 9: 9:43, Mi 10: 11:11, Mi 11: 10:44, Mi 12: 12:20, Mi 13: 11:04, Mi 14: 11:33, Mi 15: 11:48, Mi 16: 11:40, Mi 17: 15:01, Mi 18: 14:04


Training Plan: 9, My Run: 9

During this training plan, I want my shorter sandwich runs on Sundays to be on the trail. This is the day I have the most flexibility to drive to one, and I need to be training on trails since my goal race is on the trail. Today, however, I had to run this 10 miler on the road before church. This afternoon I got to model for my friend’s online boutique! Check out Moment Boutique HERE – I love the clothes so much!

Time: 1:32:11, Avg. Pace: 10:13, Elevation Gain: 414 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 9:54, Mi 2: 9:52, Mi 3: 9:50, Mi 4: 10:17, Mi 5: 10:27, Mi 6: 10:13, Mi 7: 10:38, Mi 8: 10:21, Mi 9: 10:24

These are from a past shoot. The pics from Sunday will be up soon!

Total Mileage this Week: 43 miles


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