Road to 50

Week 7 (Dec. 25-31)

Toddler sleep regressions are tough. Especially when you are running crazy miles. I spent most of this week sleeping on my daughter’s floor, trying to get her to like her crib again. The end result was me converting her crib to a toddler bed and now we are both starting to sleep much better! Yay! This week had some challenges, but I finished pretty strong overall. Here is Week 7:


Rest Day! Merry Christmas!


Training Plan: 4 miles, My Run: Strength Training

I’ve been peppering in some strength training, but today I kicked it up a notch. My husband, Chris, is my strength coach when I am training for a big race. Today, since my calves were still a little sore from the weekend, and since I am still waking up with cold symptoms, he advised me to do a good strength and conditioning session instead of doing my short run. So, I did 400 unweighted squats, 3 x 1 min planks, and 2 x 1 min holding the bridge pose (type of yoga pose, can hold it as a static exercise or move hips up and down for dynamic exercise).


Training Plan: 8 miles, My Run: 4

Cold and a little unmotivated to run today. My daughter is going through another sleep regression, so I spent most of the night camped out on the floor of her room. After a slow start to the morning followed by a couple of errands, I finally got out for a 4 miler late in the afternoon. I’ll do the route I had been planning for today tomorrow. I used to run in the dark all of the time in Birmingham. Now I try to avoid it, especially with snow and ice on the ground.

Time: 39:59, Avg. Pace: 9:57/mi, Elevation Gain: 283 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 9:38, Mi 2: 9:51, Mi 3: 10:05, Mi 4: 10:09


Training Plan: 4 miles, My Run: 7.4

Today I ran down to the Puget Sound (via Meadowdale Beach Park). It was extremely high tide and too cloudy to see the distant mountains, but beautiful nonetheless. This was a tough run for me. I cut it a little short on the way back (I had been planning on 8 for the day). I needed to get back home so Chris could leave for work and my legs were pretty wrecked. Each run is making me stronger, though!

Time: 1:29:20, Avg. Pace: 12:03/mi, Elevation Gain: 806 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 9:50, Mi 2: 10:15, Mi 3: 12:09, Mi 4: 11:58, Mi 5: 12:23, Mi 6: 15:21, Mi 7: 12:23, Mi 0.4: 12:04


Rest Day!


Training Plan: 22 miles, My Run: 10.5 on trails

I got to the trails too late to be able to complete my run before sundown. It was also cold and rainy, which did not help matters. So, I did 10.5 today and will do the 22 miler tomorrow. I ran the 10 mile loop at Lord Hill Regional Park again and was a little faster this time around! I am so much slower on trails, so I need to up my training to get stronger and faster. I’m still feeling my glutes and hamstrings from those 400 squats I did on Tuesday! Next week I think I need to go a little easier on my strength day.

Time: 2:43:52, Avg. Pace: 15:34/mi, Elevation Gain: 1,671 ft.!!, Splits: Mi 1: 13:28, Mi 2: 14:21, Mi 3: 14:14, Mi 4: 14:29, Mi 5: 18:25, Mi 6: 14:54, Mi 7: 15:06, Mi 8: 19:52, Mi 9: 15:48, Mi 10: 15:08, Mi 0.5: 15:32 (avg. pace)


Training Plan: 10 miles, My Run: 22 miles total, 10.8 on trail and 11.2 on road

I got to the trails earlier than yesterday, but was still too slow to complete 2 loops before sundown (which is when the gate to the park closes). So, I did roughly 11 on the trail and 11 back home on the road. This run was brutal. Going out for the second 11 miles took every ounce of willpower I possess. I actually wanted to cry the last mile. But, this run made me tougher and stronger. I have motivational clips from YouTube on my iPod shuffle, mixed in with my music. One track has part of a motivational speech from Eric Thomas and in it he says, “Pain is temporary. It may last for a minute, an hour, or a day, or even a year. But eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit; however, that will last forever.” This track came on when I had roughly 3 miles left on my run. I was starving, my fingers were numb, and my legs were very stiff and sore. This track motivated me like crazy and helped me tackle those last three miles!Β  I have never been so happy to be finished with a run in my life. Runs like these, when it sucks but I complete the mileage anyway, are going to get me ready for that 50 mile race in March.

Trail Run: 10.8 miles, Time: 2:48:46, Avg. Pace: 15:34/mi, Elevation Gain: 1,739 ft.!! , Splits: Mi 1: 13:05, Mi 2: 16:34, Mi 3: 13:44, Mi 4: 13:04, Mi 5: 18:02, Mi 6: 14:02, Mi 7: 15:57, Mi 8: 18:01, Mi 9: 17:18, Mi 10: 15:22, Mi 0.8: 16.11 (avg. pace)

Road Run: 11.2 miles, Time: 2:21:29, Avg. Pace: 12:35/mi, Elevation Gain: 510 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 9:51, Mi 2: 10:17, Mi 3: 11:30, Mi 4: 13:38, Mi 5: 13:35, Mi 6: 12:13, Mi 7: 13:12, Mi 8: 12:48, Mi 9: 14:15, Mi 10: 13:03, Mi 11: 13:15, Mi 0.2: 15:32 (avg. pace)

Total Mileage this Week: 43.9

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