Road to 50

Week 8 (1 – 7)


Rest Day – Happy New Year!!



Training Plan: 4 miles, My Run: Strength Training

Once again I swapped out my 4 mile run for strength training. This is going to make my muscles and even my bones stronger to support my race efforts. By doing these exercises I build auxiliary muscles in addition to working the muscles I use while running. Those auxiliary muscles are important to help stabilize me and support the muscles I use while running when they start to get tired. Strength training also helps to improve bone density. Proper strength training, when done regularly along with getting the recommended daily amount of calcium and vitamin D, can help prevent bone loss that leads to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Eventually I want to do more strength training to help my bones, but for now, one day a week is good for this training program.

My workout: I did this workout as a superset – no rest between reps and exercises.

25 unweighted squats, 25 unweighted calf raises, 1 min holding bridge pose, 30 seconds plank. Repeat 8x. For arms, I did 25 small arm circles forwards, 25 backwards, 25 unweighted military press (raise the roof), 25 “grabbers” (hold arms out to sides parallel to the ground, making a fist and releasing it 25x), 25 unweighted flys. Repeat 2x without rest.

…I had company for a few of the squats:



Training Plan: 8 miles, My Run: 8.2 miles with the stroller

The Blueberry’s nap time has slowly gotten later and later in the afternoon – to the point where it has pushed her bedtime to after 10:00! So today I took her for my run in the early afternoon to coax her into taking a nap at a more reasonable time. It worked! She fell asleep as soon as I started running and stayed asleep for 2 hours – well after I finished running! Happy Mama! Running with the stroller is not easy, especially with the hills around where we live. Therefore, I got a great workout, even though it slowed my pace down.

Time: 1:30:23, Avg. Pace: 10:59/mi, Elevation Gain: 391 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 10:25, Mi 2: 9:28, Mi 3: 9:42, Mi 4: 10:31, Mi 5: 11:46, Mi 6: 12:02, Mi 7: 11:32, Mi 8: 12:44, Mi 0.2: 1:57 (or 9:47 pace)
End Dec 2017 222


Training Plan: 4 miles, My Run: 4 with the stroller

Yesterday was so successful with naptime, that I decided to do it again. My pace was faster and again, she slept for over 2 hours! I let her sleep in the stroller in our home after I finished running. I took the opportunity to clean up without the distractions (or her dumping out her toys as soon as I put them away, as is usually the case). I felt pretty strong on this run. I am still feeling a little bit of the effects of strength training and my arms/shoulders were still a little tired from pushing the stroller yesterday, but I can tell I am getting stronger and more fit!

Time: 41:33, Avg. Pace: 10:19, Elevation Gain: 282 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 9:39, Mi 2: 9:36, Mi 3: 11:11, Mi 4: 10:53



Rest Day!



Training Plan: 22 miles, My Run: 22.4 miles on the trail!

I finally did it! I completed my full long run on the trails at Lord Hill Regional Park! The last few miles I struggled a bit mentally as my legs started to fatigue, but overall I felt really good during this run. Even the rain that came down for my entire run couldn’t dampen my spirit. This was definitely a heck of a lot better than my 22 mile run last week! My nutrition was pretty strong – I never felt hungry during this run, as I have on past long runs. For breakfast, I had 2 eggs scrambled with a little cheese and a shredded red potato that I turned into hash browns. During my run, I ate a total of two peanut butter and honey sandwiches with chia seeds sprinkled over the peanut butter and drank roughly 16 oz of Nuun. I also ate a few small pickle slices around mile 16 to ward off muscle cramps. Pickles are amazing for muscle cramps!! Just drinking the juice works, but I prefer to eat the pickle to reap the benefits. I also drank through all of the water in my hydration pack – 1.5 L (or 50 oz). This was such a great run and I am so happy I completed it all on the trail. This gave me a huge confidence boost, which I really needed after last week’s long run.

Time: 5:20:08, Avg. Pace: 14:16/mi, Elevation Gain: 3,592 ft.!!, Splits: Mi 1: 14:00, Mi 2: 14:05, Mi 3: 13:03, Mi 4: 12:28, Mi 5: 16:09, Mi 6: 12:14, Mi 7: 13:57, Mi 8: 17:48, Mi 9: 13:34, Mi 10: 12:45, Mi 11: 14:10, Mi 12: 13:51, Mi 13: 16:10, Mi 14: 13:06, Mi 15: 15:44, Mi 16: 14:06, Mi 17: 14:15, Mi 18: 14:40, Mi 19: 15:43, Mi 20: 14:28, Mi 21: 14:04, Mi 22: 13:16, Mi 0.4: 6:13 (15:33 pace)


Training Plan: 10 miles, My Run: 10.4 miles on the dreadmill

It started raining as soon as we left church this morning. After spending over 5 hours running in the rain yesterday, I really did not want to run 10 more miles in steady rain today. So, I did something I never do – I ran on the treadmill. I hate the treadmill because I feel like a hamster on a wheel. I also feel like it makes my legs more sore, but that may just be in my head. Today I pushed hard because I wanted to spend as little time on the treadmill as possible to get my 10 miles in. It was tough – the last couple of miles I had to really crank up my music to take my mind off of the fatigue I was feeling. My legs were still sore from yesterday, so I am really happy with the pace I achieved on this run.

There is a discrepancy between my watch and the treadmill. My watch said I did 10 miles even, while the treadmill calculated my run at 10.4 miles. We’re going with what the treadmill said because I trust it a little more and because I worked my butt off today!

Time: 1:35:24, Avg. Pace: 9:10/mile, Elevation Gain: 0 ft. (since this was a treadmill run, there is no way to break down the pace for each individual mile)


Jan 2018 early 028
10 loooong miles on the dreadmill

Total Mileage this Week: 45 miles! 

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