Road to 50

Week 9 (Jan. 8 – 14)

This is a cut back week! Yay! After last week’s runs, I feel like I have earned this cut back, too. …And then I either caught a stomach bug or ate some questionable chicken. Considering my daughter and my husband never got sick (thank goodness), and I was the only one that ate the last of the chicken in the fridge, my money is on the food being the culprit. So, even though this was supposed to be a cut back week, I did much less mileage than I was supposed to. At least I wasn’t sick on a high-mileage week! Here is Week 9:



Rest Day! Thank goodness – my legs are still spent from the runs I did over the weekend.



Training Plan: 4 miles, My Run: Strength Training

Once again, I did 200 squats, broken down into reps of 25; and 200 calf raises, broken down into reps of 25. I also did 8 minutes holding the bridge pose, broken down into 1 minute increments and 4 minutes of planks in 30 second increments. At first the bridges and planks feel too easy in the shortened increments, but by the last two sets, I am struggling to hold the pose with good form for the full 1 minute increment and 30 second increment.



Training Plan: 6 miles, My Run: 0

This is the day it all went downhill. I woke up at 2 am and managed to fight off nausea until 3. After that, there was no fighting it for the rest of the day. Thankfully, my husband was able to work from home most of the day to help out with the Blueberry so I could rest and try to get food to stay in my stomach. I didn’t have a prayer of completing 6 miles in this condition.



Training Plan: 4 miles, My Run: 0

Still sick. I didn’t trust my stomach with anything other than saltines and ginger ale until dinner time, which consisted of ramen from a local Japanese restaurant (Chris picked up since we didn’t have soup in the house). Luckily, the ramen stayed put, but my stomach still wasn’t too happy about it.



Rest Day! I felt much better, but decided to stick to the plan and take it easy.



Training Plan: 10 miles, My Run: 6.4

I felt well enough to run by the afternoon, so Chris and I laced up our shoes and took Blue in the stroller for a family run. I struggled, though. Even though I took it easy with the pace, I had bouts of dizziness and even felt a little nauseous at one point, so we ended the run at just over 6 miles. I did feel better again after running, though.

Time: 1:08:33, Avg. Pace: 10:39/mi, Elevation Gain: 346 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 9:31, Mi 2: 9:22, Mi 3: 10:28, Mi 4: 10:36, Mi 5: 12:17, Mi 6: 10:49, Mi 0.4: 5:08 (12:32 pace)



Training Plan: 6 miles, My Run: 0

Woke up feeling nauseous and worn out again. I even opted to stay home from church because I didn’t want to risk getting the kids in kids ministry sick (still wasn’t sure if I had a contagious bug or not at this point). I also decided to rest, since next week is a high mileage week and I want to tackle that as best as I possibly can.

Next week is a new week! We are almost halfway through this training plan.


Total Miles this Week: 6.4 (plus strength training) — my lowest mileage since training began!! 

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