Road to 50

Week 10 (Jan. 15 – 21)

This week marks the halfway point of my training! Also, after basically taking last week off due to being sick, I got a major Zenkai boost – my runs felt awesome throughout the week! (Anime lovers, y’all know what I’m talking about.) I felt rested and strong on my mid-week runs and I started to get excited for the upcoming races. Here’s Week 10:


Rest Day! However, I put the Blueberry in our Osprey Pack and “rucked” with her to a park about a half mile away to enjoy the rain-free afternoon. Rucking with a 30 lb. toddler is a good workout, so I’m adding that mile (round-trip) onto my weekly total.


Training Plan: 4 miles, My Run 4.51

Today I drove over to Meadowdale Beach Park and ran two loops from the trailhead to the Puget Sound and back. This park is great for short trail runs because you experience different types of terrain, from easy to moderately technical. The elevation gain is also pretty good for a 2.25 mile trail. Plus, I love running out to the beach, breathing in the salty air and taking in the view of the mountains when the sky is clear.

Time: 57.27, Avg. Pace: 12:44/mi, Elevation Gain: 847 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 11:55, Mi 2: 13:08, Mi 3: 12:38, Mi 4: 11:01, Mi 0.51: 8:44 (17:08 pace)


Training Plan: 10 miles, My Run: 10.21

I went a little farther than necessary, trying to earn a spot on an uphill Strava segment near where I live… at the end of a 10 miler. Next time I need to do that segment on a shorter run! I felt really good during this run and it felt nice sprinting towards the end and pushing my body. Until the end, where I sprinted up the hill, I wasn’t trying to go fast. I simply ran at a pace that felt good and sustainable over 10 miles – and it ended up being a faster pace than I have done in a while. The training on trails is definitely making me a stronger runner!

Time: 1:38:07, Avg. Pace: 9:36/mi, Elevation Gain: 462 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 9:19, Mi 2: 9:17, Mi 3: 9:30, Mi 4: 9:53, Mi 5: 9:37, Mi 6: 9:57, Mi 7: 9:54, Mi 8: 9:44, Mi 9: 9:34, Mi 10: 9:12, Mi 0.21: 2:10 (10:20 pace)



Training Plan: 4 miles, My Run: 0

Today ended up being a very busy day. We went to a birthday party for one of the Blueberry’s friends, we ran errands and I also needed to cook dinner. The run just didn’t happen today, so I’ll have to do it tomorrow.



Training Plan: Rest, My Run: 4.3

Today was a faster run! Again, my legs and lungs were strong and it felt good to go at a faster pace. I also sprinted up that hill again, trying to beat people on that segment. I stayed at 3rd overall female. I have to run it a minute faster to get 2nd, so that may not happen until after I finish this training plan. However, it is fun to keep trying for it! I’ll take motivation to work hard wherever I can get it!

Time: 37:04, Avg. Pace: 8:36/mi, Elevation Gain: 288 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 8:21, Mi 2: 8:38, Mi 3: 8:35, Mi 4: 8:38, Mi 0.3: 2:45 (9:25 pace)



Training Plan: 24 miles, My Run 24.1 on trails

Today things started to get rough. I marathon shuffled/walked more than I wanted to, but I completed the full run! I learned a few things on this run. 1. Spaghetti the night before is a little too heavy. I didn’t have major stomach issues, but it just felt heavy and didn’t prevent me from getting hungry. Next week I am going to start trying out different meals for the night before my long runs. 2. I cannot wear compression tights for runs lasting longer than 2 hours. My legs were aching by the end of this run – more so than when I wear my regular Brooks Greenlight Tights. I think compression tights could work for a road half marathon, when I am shooting for a new PR. And they are great for recovery – just not for a 6+ hour run on the trails. 3. I have been enjoying the Brooks Cascadia trail shoe lately – especially the ones with the Gor-Tex upper, since it is waterproof and I live in the rainiest place in the contiguous 48. However, after 22 miles of landing on the very hard rock plate, the balls of my feet were very sore. I switched over to the Brooks Caldera for the last 2 miles and everything felt better! (Check out the splits on the last two miles compared to the previous 10 miles below). The Calderas had been my trail shoe of choice prior to trying the Cascadia a month ago. Now I think I’ll be switching out shoes halfway through my long trail runs and giving my feet varying degrees of cushion and heel-toe offsets. To wrap up, this run was tough, but I did it and learned things in the process that will benefit me on race day.

Time: 6:22:33, Avg. Pace: 15:52/mi, Elevation Gain: 3,811 ft.!, Splits: Mi 1: 12:56, Mi 2: 13:16, Mi 3: 12:14, Mi 4: 12:30, Mi 5: 17:08, Mi 6: 13:39, Mi 7: 15:07, Mi 8: 17:44, Mi 9: 13:29, Mi 10: 13:00, Mi 11: 15:35, Mi 12: 16:07, Mi 13: 16:48, Mi 14: 15:18, Mi 15: 19:06, Mi 16: 18:08, Mi 17: 17:07, Mi 18: 18:13, Mi 19: 19:10, Mi 20: 18:35, Mi 21: 16:55, Mi 22: 17:20, Mi 23: 15:34, Mi 24: 15:28, Mi 0.10: 1:56 (19:26 pace)


Training Plan: 10 miles, My Run: 10:21

Chris ran this with me, and he struggled to go as slow as I was going – even pushing the stroller! My legs were so stiff that it was hard to pick up speed. It also started raining not far into our run, turning into a downpour at the halfway mark. At least we finished and no one got pneumonia!

Time: 1:59:16, Avg. Pace: 11:41/mi, Elevation Gain: 454 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 10:47, Mi 2: 10:48, Mi 3: 11:15, Mi 4: 11:45, Mi 5: 11:38, Mi 6: 12:24, Mi 7: 12:11, Mi 8: 12:17, Mi 9: 11:38, Mi 10: 11:31, Mi 0.21: 3:05 (14:42 pace)


Total Miles this Week: 54.33!! 

So, I followed my shortest mile week with my longest (so far).

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