Road to 50

Week 12 (Jan. 29 – Feb. 4)

I wouldn’t describe myself as the bubbly, upbeat cheerleader type, but I do try to have an overall positive outlook on life. I try to see the silver living and generally expect things to turn out alright. However, in this Road to 50 Journal, I don’t want to sugarcoat anything. I want this to be real and transparent and to show all of the ups and downs of 50 mile training. All that being said, this week was HARD – especially my weekend runs. Keep reading for my Week 12 log and for a yummy homemade granola recipe!



Rest Day!



Training Plan: 4 miles, My Run: 4.02

I have had a hard time waking up early since our guest left. This means that I wasn’t able to get a run in before Chris left for work and so I did an afternoon run pushing the Blueberry. I timed it around when I wanted her to take a nap so that she’d sleep well at night. She always falls asleep in her stroller when we take her out for runs. Lucky kid.

Time: 40:53, Avg. Pace: 10:10/mi, Elevation Gain: 282 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 9:00, Mi 2: 10:16, Mi 3: 10:06, Mi 4: 11:17



Training Plan: 12 miles, My Run: 12:03

Again, I ran in the afternoon pushing the Blueberry. By mile 9, I was so tired of pushing the stroller over all of the hills. If you follow me on Strava, you’ll notice that this run is divided into two runs. I did this because I switched out shoes halfway through the run and I like using Strava to track the amount of miles I have on my running shoes. Normally I wouldn’t switch shoes on a 12 mile run, but I am wear testing some new shoes and wanted to compare them to an older version. The first 6 miles was in the new version, last 6 in the old. For simplicity in reporting the run here, I’m going to do a little math and combine the runs together.

Time: 2:09:35, Avg. Pace: 10:46/mi, Elevation Gain: 510 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 9:12, Mi 2: 9:26, Mi 3: 10:12, Mi 4: 10:12, Mi 5: 10:06, Mi 6: 10:12, Mi 7: 10:33, Mi 8: 10:58, Mi 9: 11:05, Mi 10: 11:41, Mi 11: 11:42, Mi 12: 13:41



Training Plan: 4 miles, My Run: Strength Training

It was pouring down rain after I got home from a long play date, so I opted to do strength training in place of a run today (I have done this in previous weeks, too). However, since I have a serious long run on the trail in 2 days, I focused more on arms and core in this session. The Good Mornings and Bridge Pose both incorporated my glutes and hamstrings, though – great for powering up all of these PNW hills!

Play date then strength training… #momlife

Good Mornings with 12 lb. bar: 5 sets of 10 reps; Military Press with 12 lb. bar: 5 sets of 10 reps; Skull Crushers with two 5 lb. dumbbells: 5 sets of 10 reps; Bicep Curls with 5 lb. dumbbells: 5 sets of 10 reps; Ab Twists with two 5 lb. dumbbells: 5 sets of 20 reps (10 to each side); Bridge Pose 5 x 1 minute holding (static) pose



Rest Day



Training Plan: 26 miles, My Run: 26.11 miles on the trail

I started my morning off with a really good breakfast (pic below) because I have learned that I have to start my run with a good amount of fuel. Today I grated a red potato to turn into hash browns that I scrambled with 2 eggs. I also had a cup of coffee and a container of Greek yogurt. The first half of this run was great. I ran in a trail shoe that I am wear testing and it felt really good! I also added some sermons from my church that I had missed while travelling and serving and I enjoyed running to the podcasts. They kept me from starting too fast and started my run on a positive, encouraging note.

The second loop around Lord Hill Park started out OK. I changed into dry socks (I got wet crossing a few streams on the first loop) and into my regular trails shoes, which actually felt firmer than they normally do because of the softer shoes I had been testing out. I also switched my iPod over to music. With 6 miles left, I started running out of steam. When I had just over 4 miles left, my husband texted me and I took the opportunity to collapse to my knees and respond. I picked myself up and started climbing some hills, eventually turning off my music because I was burned out on listening to stuff. With 2.5 miles left to go, I hit a wall. I was tired, everything hurt, it had started raining and my emotions were raw. I started crying. After spending several minutes trying to push myself forward and seemingly not getting very far, I decided to turn my music back on. The song I had left off with ended and a song by Matthew West called “Strong Enough” came on. If you’re not religious, that is totally OK, but I am a believer. That song instantly brought me peace and helped me finish out that mile, which was actually faster than it had felt. After the song ended, I switched my shuffle over to a playlist with Christian songs and finished my last two miles still tired and sore, but in much better spirits. Here is the data from the run:

Time: 6:30:41, Avg. Pace: 14:58/mi, Elevation Gain: 4,498 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 13:23, Mi 2: 14:49, Mi 3: 12:59, Mi 4: 11:53, Mi 5: 17:24, Mi 6: 13:32, Mi 7: 13:51, Mi 8: 12:44, Mi 9: 16:09, Mi 10: 16:52, Mi 11: 14:23, Mi 12: 12:39, Mi 13: 14:49, Mi 14: 13:56, Mi 15: 14:31, Mi 16: 12:30, Mi 17: 16:10, Mi 18: 15:37, Mi 19: 15:13, Mi 20: 14:00, Mi 21: 15:50, Mi 22: 18:22, Mi 23: 16:45, Mi 24: 15:53, Mi 25: 16:43, Mi 26: 17:07, Mi 0.11: 2:22 (21:29/mi pace)

Breakfast, then into the woods with my iPod shuffle


Training Plan: 12 miles, My Run: 8.01

With every fiber of my being, I did not want to run today. I woke up early to serve in kid’s ministry, so for entire morning I chased my child around, then taught older kids with as much energy as I could muster, then chased my child around again. By the time I got home, I was exhausted, hungry and dreading my run. I dragged my feet, so it was getting dark by the time I finally got started. I had planned on running a 10 mile route on the road that was well lit, but when I passed by my home at mile 8, I didn’t have enough will power to keep going. For the first time in months, my knee that used to give me problems was acting up. So, I ended my run at 8 miles, ate some dinner and iced my knee. It wasn’t the full 12 on my schedule, but at least I got out and ran on extremely tired legs. That is the point of these weekend sandwich runs. I know I have enough grit to keep going when things get rough on Race Day. I just lacked the desire to keep going today.

Time: 1:45:29, Avg. Pace: 13:10/mi, Elevation Gain: 420 ft., Splits: Mi 1: 11:04, Mi 2: 11:22, Mi 3: 12:05, Mi 4: 13:19, Mi 5: 13:00, Mi 6: 15:29, Mi 7: 13:38, Mi 8: 15:22

In these pictures, she was well occupied while I cleaned up the classroom. The rest of the time, she was ever so sweetly running around wreaking havoc!

Total Mileage This Week: 50.16


Recipe for Homemade Granola

This granola recipe was given to me by a friend who runs ultras. I made it for Chris as he trained for his 40 mile race at Mt. St. Helens last summer and he loved it so much, I tried it for my training. This is a great snack while trail running. The honey and dark chocolate chips give you instant energy, while the other ingredients offer sustained energy, along with protein and fiber. It is also easy to chew and swallow while running (just chase with some water).

2 cups rolled oats

1 cup peanut butter

½ cup honey

½ cup dark chocolate chips/chunks

¼ cup ground flax seeds

1/8 cup chia seeds

¼ cup unsweetened coconut flakes (optional)

Sea salt – sprinkle into mix

Mix all ingredients well. Roll into balls or roll out flat on baking sheet (I line the baking sheet with wax paper and lay another sheet of wax paper on top of the mixture to roll out without it sticking to the pan or the roller). Freeze overnight. Use a pizza cutter to cut granola into bars if you chose to roll out the mixture. I prefer the bars over rolling into balls because it fits into my hydration pack better.



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