I’m Valerie. Mama to a beautiful, sassy, smart little girl and two crazy dogs. Wife of the craziest, most ambitious and enthusiastically nerdy guy I have ever met. Young Living Star (aka Oil Slinger).  Runner, writer, picture taker and painter.  Currently living in and loving the Pacific Northwest. 

I believe in living healthy to enjoy as many days on this beautiful earth as possible. I believe in treating people well and I love to encourage them. I believe in finding the beauty all around us and that an adventure can take place right down the street. I believe in Jesus.


Blueberry Post:

If you spend a bit of time around here (and I hope you do), you’ll likely notice that I refer to my daughter as Blueberry or some variant. No, that is not her legal name. I may be into essential oils, but I am not quite that granola! Her nickname started the week my husband and I discovered I was pregnant. The app on my phone said she was roughly the size of a blueberry. Since it was way too early to know the gender, my husband started referring to our baby as the Blueberry, and the nickname stuck!

In brainstorming ideas for this blog, I came up with the name Blueberry Post and it seemed fitting for what I want to write about… or “post” about. I am passionate about health and wellness (blueberries are healthy!), which for me includes running and therapeutic grade essential oils. I am also passionate about being a good mom to my Blueberry.

I hope you enjoy what you find here. In the “Road to 50” tab, you’ll find my blog posts journaling my training for my first 50 mile race. The “Running” tab will give you blog posts about other running topics, such as how to choose a training plan, choosing running shoes (and the differences between various options), and recovery tips and tricks. Want to learn about essential oils? “Get Oily” will take you to posts about how essential oils will change your life and recipes for my favorite DIY projects that use oils. I will also do Young Living product reviews from time to time. My plan for “#MomLife” is to share my journey in raising a toddler – from homeschooling preschool to playdate antics. We also plan on adding to our family in the near future, so I will share pregnancy stories here as they take place.